B.T. Holley

10433845_10152994647622713_6285149255762797142_nI started offering my two cents worth about little things when I was a kid. Now, having accumulated many more cent pieces, I like to dish out two cents worth more frequently and with a little more return on the investment—if you know what I mean. Penny saved is a penny earned kind of stuff. To that end, here you will find a record of my two cents.

In my other pursuits, I am married to a lovely wife named Emily. We live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota where I am a seminarian at Bethlehem College and Seminary. I enjoy tea in the afternoon, tea in the evening, and books at all times. Never liked smoking but I like the way I look with a wooden pipe in my mouth. Sometimes my wife catches me staring at clouds. Not in a romantic visionary kind of way—just thought I saw something. Frequently, I am flabbergasted that God made the earth this way, with people—those odd people.

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