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Obergefell v. Hodges: Dissention for Consideration

Today the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a decision regarding Marriage, Homosexuality, Religious Liberty, and Democracy. Although there is much to be considered in the opinion of the majority and in the dissention of the minority, the fact is that the majority declared, “The Court now holds that same-sex couples may exercise […]
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Disney’s Frozen and Homosexuality

I recently watched Disney’s Frozen and wrote a movie review based on the responses to a Facebook status I made. Another conversation began, except this time in regards to Frozen and the Homosexual Movement: Sidenote: My thoughts on how Christians ought to respond to the homosexual movement can be found here, perhaps it would be […]
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Quick Thought: Sexual Revolution

Postmodern, deconstructionist, new tolerance ideology has produced a fast-paced revolution in America—the moral, or sexual, revolution. Perhaps the greatest indicator of this revolution is the homosexual movement. Almost weekly, newspapers are reporting on court decisions, parades, and ceremonies that vie for the homosexual movement. Even popular television shows, or shows that are promoted as popular, […]
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