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Concerning the Nature of Belief: Part 1

We think that we believe the gospel because we know some facts about Christ and assume them to be true, but belief in the gospel needs to go beyond the acceptance of mere facts. We need bone-deep belief in the gospel.

The Value of Vacation Bible School

Handing out flyers to invite children to VBS tells your community that they are welcome to enter your building. It may seem obvious, but people don’t want to go somewhere if they don’t feel like it is a welcoming place.

Target: Bathrooms and Boycotts

“Christians often react to the deconstruction of sex and gender, and they should offer a reasoned response to it (i.e., retain convictions) in a spirit of mutual respect (i.e., with civility) and a pastoral heart of compassion.”

Book Review: A Compassionate Call to Counter Culture

Living in submission to the Gospel and in obedience to Jesus Christ often looks like breaking social norms and countering culture’s promotion of autonomy and idolatry.


Redemption The sacred blood of Jesus Christ Stained the cursed Roman tree He took my sin and then he placed His perfect righteousness on me Oh, my God, why have you now Turned away from your own Son? Your love and justice now collide You give life to this sinful one Living Christ, you give […]
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Book Review: City on a Hill

In City on a Hill, Philip Graham Ryken demonstrates that the biblical pattern for the church must remain despite 21st century obstacles. He argues that the biblical model for the Christian life, and for the church, remains unchanged in the face of the culture wars which are re-shaping the worldviews of believers and unbelievers alike. […]
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Book Review: Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

J.D. Greear tackles the fears and questions of those who doubt their salvation in Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart. He explains his own battles with doubt, as well as those of many believers with whom he has interacted, and offers direction and guidance to help work through the doubt that plagues so many believers. […]
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