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Go Set a Watchman

People change. Cultures change. Nations change. Harper Lee highlights these changes in Go Set a Watchman by introducing us to Jean Louise (Scout) as an adult living in New York City on a trip to visit her childhood home. This novel is not primarily about race, though there are certainly racial considerations within the book. Harper Lee is writing about the changes in people, cultures, and nations.

Concerning the Nature of Belief: Part 2

Worship is where Christ woos his bride, and until we are captured with that love, then our belief will always lie in our head.

Concerning the Nature of Belief: Part 1

We think that we believe the gospel because we know some facts about Christ and assume them to be true, but belief in the gospel needs to go beyond the acceptance of mere facts. We need bone-deep belief in the gospel.

Book Review: Crossing to Safety

For Christians, Stegner’s written rage is a gift. We have spent too much time reading sanitized Christian fiction, cheering for Kirk Cameron and hanging old Thomas Kincaid’s in our kitchens. Stegner might not have had all the answers, but at least he hated the enemy.

The Christian Foundation of Economics

Christians recognize that humanity is controlled by the bridal of her affections. Before the would-be economist considers incentives and marginal utility he must first understand that God has created the cornerstone of economics—the affections. Christians naturally think in economic categories because we naturally think in terms of the affections. Equipped with this foundational principle of economics, we can begin to comprehend its simple and pervasive nature.

Voting and the Stock Market

Voting and buying stocks both deal with the unknowable futures. No broker can perfectly predict the profitability of stocks or funds. Likewise, no voter can perfectly predict the actions or outcomes of voting for a particular candidate.

The Value of Vacation Bible School

Handing out flyers to invite children to VBS tells your community that they are welcome to enter your building. It may seem obvious, but people don’t want to go somewhere if they don’t feel like it is a welcoming place.