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Target: Bathrooms and Boycotts

“Christians often react to the deconstruction of sex and gender, and they should offer a reasoned response to it (i.e., retain convictions) in a spirit of mutual respect (i.e., with civility) and a pastoral heart of compassion.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The Byronic Hero (Theologically)

In recent discussions about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a controversial issue has been whether or not he is an Evangelical. In recent years, many of Bonhoeffer’s works have been translated and published into English, opening the door for conversation in non-German speaking countries, including the United States. Most recently, Eric Metaxas wrote a biography on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, […]
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Insights Into Gospel-Driven Obedience

Paul writes the letter of Philippians to the church at Philippi to encourage the church to strive side by side for the gospel of Christ; really, Paul encourages the church to cultivate a unity that can only be reached through humble obedience to Christ. He writes, “Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so […]
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Quick Thought: Sexual Revolution

Postmodern, deconstructionist, new tolerance ideology has produced a fast-paced revolution in America—the moral, or sexual, revolution. Perhaps the greatest indicator of this revolution is the homosexual movement. Almost weekly, newspapers are reporting on court decisions, parades, and ceremonies that vie for the homosexual movement. Even popular television shows, or shows that are promoted as popular, […]
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Quick Thought: Live Like They Were Dying

People always talk about living as if you were about to die. There is even a popular  song called “Live Like You Were Dying.” But, what if we started living like everyone else is dying? What if we treated people as we would if we knew that they were going to be dead the next […]
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Satisfaction from a Biblical Worldview: Psalm 90

Psalm 90 provides a roadmap to satisfaction when I am lost in the confusion of joyless living. First, recognize the character of God (v.1-6). Our living is influenced and directed by our view and beliefs about God’s character. We must recognize God for who He is, and we must view the world through God’s eyes. […]
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Mission Statements and Philosophies

I am currently working with the assistant pastor at the church I attend to develop a manual containing a mission statement and philosophies that drive what we are doing in the youth group. The process will be semi-slow, especially considering that I am doing much of the work from scratch. However, I have decided to […]
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