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Thanksgiving Day Reflections

As a microcosm of Christian discipleship, Thanksgiving Day stands as a visual reminder of the important role gratitude plays in the Christian life. God’s people are meant to be thankful people—the kind of people that live shaped by and filled with unending gratitude to their Creator. Any expression of thankfulness must be directed toward an object, and God alone is worthy of ultimate thanks. Thus, Thanksgiving Day is, in its essence, an exclusively Christian holiday.

Concerning the Nature of Belief: Part 3

Worship just pulls back the thin veneer of prosaic reality to reveal the true loveliness of the object of our worship, and our hearts are lured by that loveliness into belief. Another word for loveliness is beauty. Beauty controls our hearts, because our hearts will only desire what it finds beautiful. Belief, therefore, is all about beauty. If we behold the beauty of something, then our affections will grab ahold of it in belief.

Accountability Partners

In an age of effortless privacy, ubiquitous technology, and immediate gratification, there can be no doubt that accountability is important. As humans broken by sin and predisposed to worship idols of our own making, accountability is an essential part of living the Christian life.

Concerning the Nature of Belief: Part 2

Worship is where Christ woos his bride, and until we are captured with that love, then our belief will always lie in our head.

Concerning the Nature of Belief: Part 1

We think that we believe the gospel because we know some facts about Christ and assume them to be true, but belief in the gospel needs to go beyond the acceptance of mere facts. We need bone-deep belief in the gospel.