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Target: Bathrooms and Boycotts

“Christians often react to the deconstruction of sex and gender, and they should offer a reasoned response to it (i.e., retain convictions) in a spirit of mutual respect (i.e., with civility) and a pastoral heart of compassion.”

In Defense Against Abortion

In Defense Against Abortion or Defending Against the Murder and Sale of the Unborn and Partially-born Today an investigative journalism piece was released accusing affiliates of Planned Parenthood of selling aborted babies’ body parts. The abortion issue has been slowly simmering, and this investigation may be the heat that turns that simmer into a boil. […]
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Religious Liberty, Houston, and Al Mohler

This is how religious liberty dies. Liberties die by a thousand cuts.  An intimidating letter here, a subpoena there, a warning in yet another place. The message is simple and easily understood. Be quiet or risk trouble. Al Mohler is correct, right now the message is “be quiet or risk trouble.” But the trouble is […]
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Quick Thought: Conscious Uncoupling

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their divorce as “conscious uncoupling” in a blog post dated March 25th. Typically, Hollywood’s resident’s announcements of upcoming divorces can be overlooked as merely the natural results of depravity and a non-biblical worldview. However, this announcement reflects a post-modern, deconstructionist, new-tolerance idea of morality. The announcement is followed by […]
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Quick Thought: Sexual Revolution

Postmodern, deconstructionist, new tolerance ideology has produced a fast-paced revolution in America—the moral, or sexual, revolution. Perhaps the greatest indicator of this revolution is the homosexual movement. Almost weekly, newspapers are reporting on court decisions, parades, and ceremonies that vie for the homosexual movement. Even popular television shows, or shows that are promoted as popular, […]
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Quick Thought: Live Like They Were Dying

People always talk about living as if you were about to die. There is even a popular  song called “Live Like You Were Dying.” But, what if we started living like everyone else is dying? What if we treated people as we would if we knew that they were going to be dead the next […]
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