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The Presidential Election and the Sovereignty of God

We can see past the daunting circumstances and the hopelessly pathetic solutions to the brokenness of this earth to the one who has already triumphed, Jesus Christ.

Voting and the Stock Market

Voting and buying stocks both deal with the unknowable futures. No broker can perfectly predict the profitability of stocks or funds. Likewise, no voter can perfectly predict the actions or outcomes of voting for a particular candidate.

Donald Trump & Christian Responsibility

Upon considering Donald Trump and Christian responsibility in the upcoming election, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one foundational premise, along with two correlating beliefs that would lead a conservative evangelical to vote for Donald Trump.

“Trump & The God Vote”

Rod Dreher posted an excellent article on The American Conservative today: “If a religious conservative takes all of this into consideration and still chooses to vote for Trump, I won’t judge him. I suppose it is possible that I may be that man come November. I don’t see how, but maybe I will be. (I also […]
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