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Exodus: Part 1

I have been co-teaching through the Pentateuch for the 11th and 12th graders at my church. My part thus far has been to teach through the book of Exodus. I have been attempting to make a rough manuscript whenever I teach or preach, so this the outcome of those efforts. Perhaps this material will be […]
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Micah: Third Cycle – Judgement

Once again, because this cycle is so long, we will just do the judgement section (6:1-7:7) and wrap up our study on Micah with the salvation section (7:8-20) with some final review next Wednesday. I want this lesson to be much more discussion-oriented, if possible. We have been learning about many of these sins in […]
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Micah: Second Cycle – Salvation

Micah- Cycle 2; Salvation

Micah: 2nd Cycle – Judgement

The second cycle, consisting of both Salvation and Judgement prophecy, is too large to teach all in one setting; although, I had ambitiously desired to do so. Instead, I broke the second cycle up into two lessons, the first lesson covering the judgment passage. Unlike the previous Micah teaching resources, this is an outline of […]
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Micah: First Cycle

This is the second segment in a five part series through the book of Micah that I am teaching for the Youth Group at my church: Micah – First Cycle

Satisfaction from a Biblical Worldview: Psalm 90

Psalm 90 provides a roadmap to satisfaction when I am lost in the confusion of joyless living. First, recognize the character of God (v.1-6). Our living is influenced and directed by our view and beliefs about God’s character. We must recognize God for who He is, and we must view the world through God’s eyes. […]
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Micah Introduction PDF

This month I am teaching through the book of Micah to the Youth Group at my church. Here is a PDF of my keynote that could be a helpful resource: Micah – Introduction PDF