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The Presidential Election and the Sovereignty of God

We can see past the daunting circumstances and the hopelessly pathetic solutions to the brokenness of this earth to the one who has already triumphed, Jesus Christ.

The Enduring Humanity of Christ

How should Christians understand the continual humanity of Christ? Let me explain two biblical reasons why every Christian should believe that Jesus’ humanity continues forever.

The Value of Vacation Bible School

Handing out flyers to invite children to VBS tells your community that they are welcome to enter your building. It may seem obvious, but people don’t want to go somewhere if they don’t feel like it is a welcoming place.

Exodus: Part 1

I have been co-teaching through the Pentateuch for the 11th and 12th graders at my church. My part thus far has been to teach through the book of Exodus. I have been attempting to make a rough manuscript whenever I teach or preach, so this the outcome of those efforts. Perhaps this material will be […]
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Target: Bathrooms and Boycotts

“Christians often react to the deconstruction of sex and gender, and they should offer a reasoned response to it (i.e., retain convictions) in a spirit of mutual respect (i.e., with civility) and a pastoral heart of compassion.”

Triumphing Over Sinful Fear

“The strength of our love for the world is directly proportionate to the strength of our fear. If ever you would rid yourselves of your uncomely fear, you must use God’s means to fortify your affections.” – John Flavel

Church Revitalization – Reflections from the IX Marks Weekender

This weekend I am attending the IX Marks weekender at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. Although I have been impressed by the weekender here, I have also noticed that I’m not hearing anything revolutionary. This doesn’t mean that the conference is not good or biblical, it means that the church I attend is […]
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