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The Enduring Humanity of Christ

How should Christians understand the continual humanity of Christ? Let me explain two biblical reasons why every Christian should believe that Jesus’ humanity continues forever.

The Moral Center of Capitalism

When we ask if capitalism is a moral system, then we are actually asking if a capitalistic system creates an environment where people act in morally responsible ways. In a sense, we are inquiring as to the morality of its adherents, more than the system itself.

The Christian Foundation of Economics

Christians recognize that humanity is controlled by the bridal of her affections. Before the would-be economist considers incentives and marginal utility he must first understand that God has created the cornerstone of economics—the affections. Christians naturally think in economic categories because we naturally think in terms of the affections. Equipped with this foundational principle of economics, we can begin to comprehend its simple and pervasive nature.

Voting and the Stock Market

Voting and buying stocks both deal with the unknowable futures. No broker can perfectly predict the profitability of stocks or funds. Likewise, no voter can perfectly predict the actions or outcomes of voting for a particular candidate.