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Thanksgiving Day Reflections

As a microcosm of Christian discipleship, Thanksgiving Day stands as a visual reminder of the important role gratitude plays in the Christian life. God’s people are meant to be thankful people—the kind of people that live shaped by and filled with unending gratitude to their Creator. Any expression of thankfulness must be directed toward an object, and God alone is worthy of ultimate thanks. Thus, Thanksgiving Day is, in its essence, an exclusively Christian holiday.

The Presidential Election and the Sovereignty of God

We can see past the daunting circumstances and the hopelessly pathetic solutions to the brokenness of this earth to the one who has already triumphed, Jesus Christ.

The Cross and Salvation

The Doctrine of Salvation brings much debate and confusion, even amongst evangelical Christians who seek to align their understanding of truth and salvation with the Word of God. More broadly, Christendom as a whole represents widely differing views. In The Cross and Salvation, Bruce Demarest contributes to the discussion with his clear, but detailed, work on soteriology. The goal of this work is to provide a comprehensive treatment of soteriology in a way that “will be historically perceptive, biblically faithful, culturally relevant, and experientially viable” (xx).

Accountability Partners

In an age of effortless privacy, ubiquitous technology, and immediate gratification, there can be no doubt that accountability is important. As humans broken by sin and predisposed to worship idols of our own making, accountability is an essential part of living the Christian life.

Law & Grace

All of Christianity has discussed the relation of the law, gospel, and grace. “Throughout the ages Christians have discussed what Paul meant, articulating various views on the proper distinction between Law, Gospel, and Grace” (7). In Law and Grace Myron Houghton adds to the discussion with the understanding that “how one defines the relationship of Law and Grace becomes a crucial turning point for developing a systematic approach to theology” (8). His goal is to “help believers learn to interpret Bible passages correctly, gaining skill as they learn to evaluate theological ideas” (10).

Younger, Restlesser, Reformeder

This book will undoubtedly prove to be one of the most influential lifestyle books to come to Reformed/reformed readers since the Institutes of John Calvin himself. This tome is pregnant with wisdom for daily living. No other work, including the Bible, Grudem’s Systematic Theology, and any TGC article about Lecrae can do more for your reformed persona.

Go Set a Watchman

People change. Cultures change. Nations change. Harper Lee highlights these changes in Go Set a Watchman by introducing us to Jean Louise (Scout) as an adult living in New York City on a trip to visit her childhood home. This novel is not primarily about race, though there are certainly racial considerations within the book. Harper Lee is writing about the changes in people, cultures, and nations.