The Presidential Election and the Sovereignty of God

As a 25 year old, I don’t have a lot of experience in the voting booth. I certainly haven’t experienced tension in friendships because of who they thought would be a better presidential candidate. That is, at least until the last several months. Even those who have lived through many presidential elections indicate that this particular election cycle is unlike any other they have experienced.

I think most Christians recognize that neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump are the best people for the job. However, and despite all the cliche-shaming that may come with this, all Christians should at least pause to recognize God’s sovereignty over the seemingly desperate political climate in America.

I’m not simply pulling a “just trust God” card here, though it would be completely legitimate to do so. Instead, I want to emphasize a reason to just trust God whatever the circumstances may be. This reason is that as Christians we are to be forward looking people. We are to have eyes of faith and hearts of hope that extend past this earth and age into the next.

The more that I read Scripture (eg. Psalm 74, Matthew 5, Colossians 3, Hebrews, 1 John) the more that I am convinced that Christians are called to be forward looking people. God didn’t give us eyes of faith for no reason. He gave us eyes of faith because that kind of vision is that kind that fuels hope within our souls. We find this hope when use our eyes of faith to look to the past, and to look to the future.

First, our eyes of faith allow us to look on history with a divine perspective. From the failure of Adam in the garden, to the failure of every human king over Israel, to the incompleteness of the Old Covenant priests in fixing the fundamental human problem, our eyes of faith inform our hearts that no mere human can provide true hope, peace, and rest. It wasn’t until Jesus that these things were made available for the doubting, the troubled, and the wearied. We can see past the daunting circumstances and the hopelessly pathetic solutions to the brokenness of this earth to the one who has already triumphed, Jesus Christ.

Second, our eyes of faith allow us to look beyond this age into the next—an age where the triumph of Jesus Christ is not a triumph that requires eyes of faith to see but an age in which Jesus will be seen in all of his glory. An age in which we will not rely on broken governmental systems for our earthly rest. We look to the end, not as those without hope, but as those who already experience the end in Jesus Christ.

Whatever the outcome of the election might be, there will be disheartened Christians spread throughout the country. But in our disheartenment, let us take heart in Jesus Christ. He is the King of our hearts, the Shepherd of the Church, and the Conquerer of death. In him we find hope.

What did you think?

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