Quick Thought: Conscious Uncoupling

Gwyne140325175900-paltrow-martin-0111-restricted-horizontal-galleryth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their divorce as “conscious uncoupling” in a blog post dated March 25th. Typically, Hollywood’s resident’s announcements of upcoming divorces can be overlooked as merely the natural results of depravity and a non-biblical worldview. However, this announcement reflects a post-modern, deconstructionist, new-tolerance idea of morality. The announcement is followed by an explanation of “conscious uncoupling.”

More or less, “conscious uncoupling” is argued for based on the fact that, in our modern age, life expectancy has extended to two and three times the life expectancies of yesteryear. The article argues that as human kind develops, one must realize that humans were not made to be in one relationship, marriage, for a long period of time. So, it should be normal, and even good, to experience multiple marriages during a lifetime.

The problem with this kind of thinking is that it undermines God’s plan for marriage, turning marriage into a mere contract for mutual benefit. I’m confident that the homosexual movement, and indeed the entire sexual revolution, will grasp tightly onto this redefinition of marriage, because this definition of marriage suits the needs of all those who seek to exercise relationships outside of a biblical worldview.

Paltrow and Martin, or at least their public relations specialist, believes that the two love each other very much and are, in many ways, closer than ever before. This statement reveals that Martin and Paltrow do not understand love, a problem with many of those involved in the sexual revolution.

Keep an eye out for developing ideas about marriage as contract and divorce as conscious uncoupling, for they are sure to make a profound impact upon our society.

What did you think?

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