Quick Thought: Sexual Revolution

Postmodern, deconstructionist, new tolerance ideology has produced a fast-paced revolution in America—the moral, or sexual, revolution. Perhaps the greatest indicator of this revolution is the homosexual movement. Almost weekly, newspapers are reporting on court decisions, parades, and ceremonies that vie for the homosexual movement. Even popular television shows, or shows that are promoted as popular, like Sirens and Modern Family communicate the moral revolution that is taking place by portraying open and unashamed homosexual relationships as a normal part of society. How should Christians respond to this revolution?

First, Christians should vote and involve themselves politically with a biblical worldview. A biblical worldview says that sexuality expressed outside of the biblical marriage mandate does not have a place in the lives of believers, and that living in accordance with biblical principles allows governments and societies to run most smoothly. Citizens ought to feel responsible to influence the government though voting and other means to produce a government and society that runs smoothly—by operating in God’s world God’s way.

Second, Christians should understand that calling homosexuality sin is not bigotry or pejorative towards individuals. Homosexuality is wrong, just as all acts of sin are wrong. All sexual activity outside of biblical marriage, including pornography, prostitution, rape, adultery and fornication, is sin. When it comes down to it, homosexuality is the same as any other sexual sin; just in the case of homosexuals the desires are met most easily by someone of the same gender.

Third, Christians should love homosexuals without discrimination or marginalization. Unfortunately, many people believe that loving someone involves endorsing the other persons beliefs rather than respecting that person for who they are—another human being. Love does not look like Fred Phelps, love looks like Jesus ministering to those who had need.

Fourth, Christians need to stop using the word “gay” frivolously or in jest. In fact, Christians should refrain from all homosexual humor. Using homosexual humor, or using homosexuals as the brunt of a joke, indicates a poor understanding of sin, biblical commands, and what it means to love other human beings.

Fifth, Christians should educate themselves on the sexual revolution by reading news articles, paying attention to court decisions, and understanding political candidates’s positions. I highly recommend Al Mohler’s the Briefing, as a way to receive daily updates on major news stories from a Christian worldview. Christians should also learn to apply the gospel to sexuality in order to understand how to interact with homosexuals. Certainly Christians should seek to evangelize homosexuals, but Christians should also realize that their are many believers who struggle with homosexuality; and these believers need to understand how the gospel can transform their sexuality.

Finally, Christians should allow the gospel to transform their own living. Although homosexuality often acts as an indicator of the sexual revolution, all other sexual sin is included. Christians should allow the Gospel to change their television, movie, internet, and gaming habits to exclude those programs, moves, sites, and games that promote sexual immorality. The sexual revolution is sweeping across America, and the way to fight it is by living transformed by the gospel.

2 thoughts on “Quick Thought: Sexual Revolution

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