Quick Thought: Live Like They Were Dying

People always talk about living as if you were about to die. There is even a popular  song called “Live Like You Were Dying.” But, what if we started living like everyone else is dying? What if we treated people as we would if we knew that they were going to be dead the next day? Wouldn’t that make us re-evaluate the way that we treat them today? Wouldn’t that be even more of a motivation to resolve past grudges, to restore broken relationships, and to love as much as possible? I think that living like I am dying is okay, but only inasmuch as it motivates me to fix the things that I don’t want to die leaving unattended. But if I live like every one else is dying, then I’m forcing myself to step into their shoes—to walking in their skin—so that I’ll see what matters most to them. Maybe I’ll start thinking about what will benefit them most, not what will give me a feeling of a cleared conscience

What did you think?

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